Dry raw materials for the food industry

Family business Wilba in Zoetermeer specialises in the blending of dry raw materials into foodstuffs for human consumption. These are packaged and distributed according to customer requirements. In addition to large volumes, Wilba offers all the flexibility to mix small, specialist batches. Our capacity is 800 tons a year.

In our modern production area, we provide almost all services of a contract mixer: sieving, weighing, blending and blending of dry raw materials. In addition to contract mixing, we also take care of packaging: this can be repackaging, but also packing and repackaging. Packing and co-packing? No problem! Of course, checking every batch and every shipment is also part of our job. Packing can be done in small packaging, bucket, bagged goods, boxes and bigbag, just what you want!

Wilba mixes more

Many types of dry raw materials enter our company every day. Think for example of flour, proteins, lactose, herbs, spices and vitamins. But also nuts, We mix seeds, dried fruits, southern fruits and sugars for the food sector. Of course we can also add colourings, flavourings and fragrances, as well as binders, protein powder and milk powder. Whatever ingredients, additives or semi-finished products you have delivered to us, we will mix them into your ready to use product. Gluten-free and anti-allergenic is also possible.

What can we mix for you?

The result of our mixing process is a wide variety of products: bread mixes, baking flour, bakery mixes, solar mixes and all forms of ready-to-use mixes. But also fish baking flour and batters for the food production sector. Sports nutrition and children's nutrition are also familiar territory to us, as are nut mixes, muesli, seed mixes and herb mixes. Lemonade powders, cream powders, sugar substitutes or shakes? Give us your recipe and we will mix your product.

Our clients

  • Private label
  • Food industry
  • Food production
  • Craft channel
  • Snack food
  • Confectionery
  • Meat sector
  • Bakery sector
  • Chicken processing industry
  • Fish processing industry


Separate supply
Strain from 1 mm
Smart mixing system
Many packaging options
Family owned company

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